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Nero is the decentralized credit solution for everyone.

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Nero overhauls outdated synthetic protocols.

Access credit with your portfolio as collateral.

Maximize your portfolio's potential with Nero: borrow using yield-bearing collateral
Interest rates are Autonomous and dynamic. Risk Management with confidence.

We empower your

Safekeeping for your synthetic assets. Securely deposit and grow your portfolio from the borrowers.

Safe, effortless and tailored. Experience the perfect blend of control and flexibility with us.

Make your crypto great again.

No high fees.
No human intervention.
No fixed parameters.
Everything* is dynamic.
* Your interest rate multiplier,
The maximum LTV,
The base rate,
The liquidation threshold.

What's in it for me?

You’re a

Credit User

You’ll get

  • →      A credit line against your portfolio

  • →      Autonomous borrow rates

  • →      Leverage on your yield bearing collateral

You’re a

Savings User

You’ll get

  • →      A savings product that helps stabilize the protocol

  • →      Rewards that increase your savings

You’re a

Synthetic Trader

You’ll get

  • →      Your capital parked in an asset of your choice, i.e. the CPI to escape inflation

  • →      Liquidity for your favorite projects

You’re a

Credit User

You’ll get

  • →      An access to credit with your portfolio as collateral

  • →      Autonomous interest rates

  • →      Leverage on your yield bearing collateral

You’re a

Savings User

You’ll get

  • →      A saving service that helps to stabilize the protocol

  • →      Rewards that increase your portfolio

You’re a

Synthetic Buyer

You’ll get

  • →      Protection for your capital from inflation: park your it assets of your choice.

  • →      Liquidity for your favorite projects


Nero offers a more equitable credit solution

Adaptive Controller Set Interest Rates

Productive Collateral

PGA-resistant Liquidation Engine

Protocol Controlled Value

Dynamic Risk Parameters

Utility-based Tokenomics

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How your synthetic is secured against insolvency:

Multilayer liquidation engine.

Stability Pool
MEV Searchers
Dutch Auctions

Welcome to$NERO

The token that provides coverage for risk

Choose to receive your interest in the underlying assets or in$NERO through Sandclock’s DCA vaults, creating a positive feedback for the token.

Protocol success and
utility, all in one.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nero continues to grow alongside the expanding world of cryptocurrency.

What is a synthetic asset?

It's is a financial instrument that aims to replicate the performance of a real-world asset, but is created using derivatives and financial engineering instead of owning the underlying asset. In Nero’s case, it is your portfolio and the yield it generates.

How is the value of the synthetic guaranteed?

The value of the synthetic asset is ensured through the use of overcollateralization and a multilayer liquidation system, ensuring that the assets can always be redeemed for their accurate value.

How are interest rates determined?

The value of a synthetic asset is determined by a base rate, which is based on the loan-to-value, and a multiplier set by an Adaptive Controller. The controller assesses the collateralization ratio of the synthetic to determine fairness and regularly adjusts it to maintain proper collateralization and ensure the stability of the protocol.